How to backup your windows simple, safe, and secure.

  Can you imagine what will happen if suddenly your windows mess up? it may have been caused by the virus, system change, you have installed some random software or you’re doing some tweak to your windows like overclocking your monitor (you can check here on HOW TO OVERCLOCK YOUR MONITOR).


  Do you really need to install fresh windows, again and again, every time this thing happens to you, what happens to your windows license now? software license that you have bought and activated? cause we know that some software we bought over online shop needs to deactivate the old key before installing on new windows like my Malwarebyte.


  Skip that hassle, that is really mess up, Before the worst part comes to you, make sure to backup your system and place it on your secure offline data storage like your external hard drive or large capacity USB memory drive, here I’m gonna share to you guys on How to backup your windows simple, safe, and secure.


Ready this stuff before proceeding.

External hard drive.

– To store your backup file later.

USB memory drive/ USB thumb drive

– Will be used to create a bootable image later.

√Rufus software

-Download here.

-Alternative download link.

Were going to use AOMEI backupper, for this task it’s free to use.

√AOMEI Backupper

-Download here

-Alternative download link

Or you can go to AOMEI official website.

You guys can follow “Tutorial video” down below.

How to boot to USB thumb drive?

To boot to your USB thumb drive, you need to check with your laptop model and your manufacturers, different models they have different ways. common is f12 or you can change your 1st boot to your thumb drive at your bios by pressing: Common keys used: Esc, Delete, F1, F2, F10, F11, or F12.

In bios, you need to change from UEFI to legacy boot, change it back to UEFI after complete the process.

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